A Journey I Have Made Recently Essay – Important for all class

A Journey I Have Made Recently Essay
A Journey I Have Made Recently Essay

Topic– (Introduction | Occasion | Scene at the station | Description | Conclusion)

A Journey I Have Made Recently Essay: A Journey is always pleasant and interesting to me. Especially, a journey by train is always exciting, interesting and enjoyable. During the last autumn vacation, I made a journey by train from Dhaka to Jamalpur.

On the fixed day I reached the Kamlapur station at 6.30 am. There was a hue and cry around the station. People were moving here and there. There were queues before the ticket counters. I moved to platform number three.

The Tista Express was standing there. I got on the compartment and sat on my seat as I booked an advance ticket. It was ‘a window-side seat, I look outside through the window. I was quite amazed to see the houses and trees like tiny toys. The train started moving just at 7 a.m.

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It started with a whistle. At first, it moved slowly, and then it started moving at a great speed. Our train reached the Airport Station within twenty minutes.

Some passengers got on the train from there. Within two minutes the train starts moving again. The train went on running crossing small bridges, culverts, trees on both sides of the rail line, houses and ditches. The trees and houses seemed to run back. After a while, a steward came from the dining car for taking orders for snacks and tea. I took some snacks.

In the meantime, the train reached Mymensingh Station. Some passengers got down and some boarded on the train. The hurry of the passengers, the noise of the hawkers and coolies and the movement of the railway staff offered an interesting atmosphere. The train stopped here just for five minutes. Then it started moving again. I reached the Jamalpur station at 12 p.m.

I got down with a happy mood. One of my friends received me cordially at the station. I felt delighted to see him. In fact, it was a memorable journey. The Journey will remain ever fresh in my mind.

A Journey I Have Made Recently Essay
A Journey I Have Made Recently Essay

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