21st February – The History of 21st February and its Celebration


21st February

The 21st of February is a red-letter day of the history of Bangladesh. On this day in 1952, the people of Bangladesh sacrificed their lives for the sake of their mother tongue. If we search the world history, we will not find out a country where the people fought for their mother tongue. So the people bow down their heads on this day as a token of deep love and respect to the language martyrs. This immortal 21st February was announced by the UNESCO as the International Mother Language Day. Not only Bangladesh but also the people of the whole world observe the day with great honors and solemnity. I observed the last 21st of February in Dhaka.

History of 21st February

The day has a historic background. If we look back to history, we will be able to see the cause of its importance. After the birth of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah announced – “Urdu and only Urdu shall be the state language of Pakistan. All classes’ people of erstwhile East Pakistan which is now independent Bangladesh raised a strong protest against this declaration. The ruling class became furious. The authority imposed section 144 all over the country and banned all meetings and processions. But on 21 February 1952, the students and the public denied section 144 and brought out a procession from the Dhaka University campus. The brutal police shot at the procession and killed many brave sons of the soil. The sacrifice of the heroic sons has placed Bangla as the state language of Pakistan.

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1952, 21st February which day in Bengali date

The 21st of February is observed with great honor in our country. Various cultural organizations arrange different cultural functions. The celebration of the 21 February starts at 12.01 am on the day when the President and then the Prime Minister of our country offer flowers to the Shaheed Minar.

21st February Bangladesh

I attended the celebration ceremony in the last 21st of February. I accompanied some of my friends went to the Shaheed Minar barefooted. There I saw a long queue of people who were waiting to offer flowers to the Shaheed Minar. We offered flowers at 10 am. I became amazed to see a heap of flowers lying in front of the Shaheed Minar.

After offering flowers, I went to the Teachers and Students Council (TSC) at Dhaka University. The leading cultural organizations of the country arranged many functions. The people of the country observed the functions with great solemnity. The whole environment wore a festive look.

21st February History

To celebrate the day, the teachers of Dhaka University organized a function. In the function, the Language Movement fighters expressed their past experiences of the Language Movement. The people got amazed by hearing their experiences. All the people paid great homage and honor for the heroic is sons who sacrificed their lives for their mother tongue.

21st February Bhasha Dibosh in Bengali

I will never forget the celebration of the 21st of February. The people will ever remind the supreme sacrifice of the language movement. This day has elevated our image in the international community.

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